Gongyi Yulin Welding Material Co. Ltd is engaged in the research & development & production of submerged arc welding fluxes (SAW flux). Our competitive products are agglomerated flux, fused flux, welding wires. Taking a leading position in regards to mild steel & low-alloy steel welding, heat resistant stainless steel welding, roll rebuilding & hardfacing, we are providing solutions for applications like pipeline, heavy machinery, pressure vessel, LPG tanks, vehicle, shipbuilding, bridge building, steel construction.

With state-of-the-art technology, our products are continuously aligned to the up-to-date specifications of the most demanding industries. Now we have develop a complete product portfolio to meet with different demands. Yulin production line is capable of 25,000 ton/year of agglomerated flux and 5,000ton/year of fused flux. Our capacity gives us the ability to provide welding flux for thousands of customers all over the world.

Welcome to contact and visit us, the biggest manufacturer and exporter for welding flux & wire in China is waiting for you.

  Yulin brand SAW flux is for the use of structural steel, spiral pipes, longitudinal seam pipe, boiler, pressure vessel, heavy machinery, shipbuilding, automotive, bridgebuilding,etc.