Agglomerated submerged arc welding flux SJ105

welding flux for roll hardfacing

Name:                  Agglomerated submerged arc welding flux SJ105

SAW wires:          wear-resistant flux cored wire

Power supply:       DC power

Graize size:          10-60 mesh (0.28-2.0mm)

Category:             roll hardfacing, wear-resistant pieces surfacing

Industry:              cement, power plant, etc.

Description:         welding flux SJ105 is fluoride based agglomerated flux for roll hardfacing purpose. The grain size is 0.28-2.0mm. It could be used with DC current. This flux is featured with stable arc, easy slag removal, smooth weld pass. Weld metals contains low impurity levels, low P content, and it has good resistance to cracking.

Package:              damp-proof packing, 25kg/bag

Certification:          ISO

Chemical Composition of Flux (%)

SiO₂+TiO₂ CaO+MgO Al₂O₃ CaF2 S P
18-22 33-37 10-20 25-30 ≤0.06 ≤0.08


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