Fused submerged arc welding flux HJ257

submerged arc welding flux


Name:                  Fused submerged arc welding flux HJ257

AWS:                   AWS A5.17/5.23 F7A0-EH14

SAW wires:          EH14, EA2, EA3, etc.

Power supply:       DC (DCEP)

Grain size:            8-40 mesh (0.45-2.5mm)

Category:             submerged arc welding of low alloy high strength steel

Description:          HJ257 is fused flux with low manganese, medium silicate, medium fluoride content. It is brown or black glass-like granule. It is suitable for DC current, and please connect wire with positive electrode. It's featured with excellent welding performance, easy slag peeling, smooth weld bead appearance, etc. Welding flux HJ257 could be used to weld low alloy high strength steel like 15MnV, 14MnMoV, 18MnMoVNb with SAW wires like H08MnMoA, H08Mn2MoA, H08Mn2MoVA.

Package:              damp-proof packing, 25kg/bag

Certification:          ISO


Mechanical Properties of Deposit Metal

Accompanied Wire Yield Strength ReH (δs) MPa Tensile Strength Rm (σb) MPa Elongation A (δ5) % Charpy-V lmpact Test (J)
EM14 ≥400 480-660 ≥22 ≥27

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