Agglomerated submerged arc welding flux SJ609S

SAW welding flux

Name:                  Agglomerated submerged arc welding flux SJ609S

SAW wires:          AWS A5.9 ER308, ER308L, etc.

Power supply:       DC (DCEP)

Grain size:            10-60 mesh (0.28-2.0mm)

Category:             submerged arc welding of duplex stainless steel

Description:          welding flux SJ609S is agglomerated flux specially for duplex stainless steel. Grain size is 10-60 mesh. SJ609S is suitable for use with DC power. The flux provides stable arc, easy slag removal, smooth weld pass. It is featured with good resistance to pitting corrosion after welding and low loss rate after pitting corrosion. In combination with wire of duplex stainless steel, SJ609S is used for duplex stainless steel welding. It could also be used for low & ultra-low carbon stainless steel in combination with ER308, ER308L wires.

Package:              damp-proof packing, 25kg/bag

Certification:          ISO

Mechanical Properties of Deposit Metal

Accompanied Wire   Yield Strength ReH (δs) MPa Tensile Strength Rm (σb) MPa Elongation A (δ5) % Charpy-V lmpact Test (J)
308L Guaranteed value -- ≥480 ≥25 --
Test value 415 560 44 66, 51, 52


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