Agglomerated submerged arc welding flux SJ606

sub arc flux

Name:                  Agglomerated submerged arc welding flux SJ606

Welding strip:        AWS A5.9 308L, 309L

Power supply:       DC (DCEP)

Grain size:            10-60 mesh (0.28-2.0mm)

Category:             submerged arc strip cladding of ultra-low carbon stainless steel

Industry:              petroleum, chemical, nuclear power.

Description:          welding flux SJ606 is agglomerated flux for submerged arc strip cladding of ultra-low carbon stainless steel. It is grey granule in appearance, with grain size of 10-60 mesh. SJ606 is suitable for use with DC current. The flux provides stable arc, good weld bead appearance, easy slag removal. Weld metal is good in resistant to intergranular corrosion. In combination with welding strip 308L and 309L, SJ606 is used for the surfacing of pressure vessels in petroleum and chemical industry, and high pressure heater of nuclear power generating unit. It is also used for strip cladding of nuclear power evaporators, regulators and pressure shell that demand corrosion-resistant lining.

Package:              damp-proof packing, 25kg/bag

Certification:          ISO

Chemical composition of deposit metal (%)

welding strip C Mn Si Cr Ni S P
308L ≤0.04 0.50-2.50 ≤1.0 18.0-21.0 9.0-11.0 ≤0.03 ≤0.03


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