In China, research about agglomerated type welding flux started late. During 1984-1987, some domestic enterprises and research institutes cooperated to develop agglomerated flux, and started production of small amount. Although in this period, Chinese people is able to manufacture quality flux, production scale and capacity is small. Until 1987, Jinzhou Welding Electrode company introduced welding flux formula and production line of annual capacity 5*103 tons from Switzerland. Since then, China began to manufacture welding flux in large scale.

Gongyi Yulin Welding Material was founded 17 years ago. Our founder, Mr. Liu, was attracted by new agglomerated type welding flux.

In 1930s, former Soviet began to use fused flux. However, alloy transfer to weld metal is impossible for fused flux, especially when you have special requirement for weld metal. To solve this problem, Soviet and Japan developed quality welding flux in late 1970s and early 1980s. One way is to use alloy welding wires, another is to get welding flux alloyed. Fused flux is added with ferroalloy, such as furnace slag, ferromanganese, ferrosilicon, ferrochrome to get mechanical mixture. Quality of such mixture is not stable, due to differences in granular size, shape, density, etc. Welding performance can’t meet requirement.

To produce quality agglomerated flux, we cooperated with Haerbin Welding Technology Research Institute, which is the first and best official organization supported by goverment in welding area. Every of our products is formulated to meet different requirements. High quality welding fluxes, especially agglomerated flux, bring us many customers from competitors. So, we quickly grow to be the biggest private company for welding consumables in China. Also, near to ingredients like Al2O3, CaO, we have more advantages in raw materials.

After years of innovation and development, Yulin update production capacity with modern equipment. Annual capacity of 25,000 tons of agglomerated flux and 5,000 tons of fused flux make us the biggest supplier of welding flux. Strict in-house quality control system and chemical analysis instruments ensure our products uncomparable.

Our company have gained ISO9001 International Quality System Certification. Yulin brand welding fluxes have advanced formula, complete product portfolio and reliable quality for domestic and foreign customers for decades.

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