1. Agglomerated flux can provide a better working condition, less smoke, less splatter.

2. During production of agglomerated flux, it causes less air pollution and energy consumption.

3. Low bulk density, thin slag, 20% less consumption compared with fused flux, it reduces the cost of welding.

4. By addjusting basicity of flux, welding fluxes could be used for working pieces that have bad weldability. It could meet the chemical and mechanical requirement of ultra-low hydrogen welding, high strenght & high toughness & high cleaness welding.

5. Widely used for high strength steel, stainless steel, low alloy steel, heat resistant steel, ultra-low carbon steel.

6. You can add deoxidant and alloying elements to adjust chemical composition of weld metal.

7. Applicable for thin sheet welding, fillet welding, high speed welding, multiwire welding, groove welding.