Flux in welding


Sub arc flux in welding plays several roles.

(1) Protection

Under the arc heat during SAW process, some fluxes melt, then form slag and gases, which could separate droplet, weld puddle and welding area from atmospheric airs. It prevents weld pass metallization and alloy elements burning off. Also, it makes welding process stable.

(2) Metallurgy

Flux in welding plays deoxidization and alloy transfer function. With the combination of suitable wires, flux makes weld metal meet the requirement for chemical composition and mechanical properties.

Improve welding performance. Keep arc burning stable. Make weld pass uniform and smooth.

To ensure welding quality, the basic requirements for flux in welding are the following:

1. Keep arc stable.
2. Keep arc burning continuously and stably.
3. Has an appropriate melt point.
4. Slag has moderate viscosity.
5. Makes weld pass uniform.
6. Easy slag detachability.
7. Low S and P content.
8. Not sensitive to impurities like oil, rust, that would result in cracking and pinholes in weld pass.
9. Suitable granule size. Suitable particle strength.
10. Low hygroscopicity for repeated use.
11. Little toxic gas is produced during welding.

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