Submerged arc welding flux that has not turn into slags could be collected and recycled, if they are not contaminated and keep a good size and shape. A recovery system could highly improve economic profits. Weld engineering company manufacture standard duty and heavy duty flux recovery system.

Scope of application

This rule is only applicable for recycling fluxes that is used in submerged arc wire cladding & submerged arc strip cladding & electroslag strip cladding for nuclear power industry.

General principle

Welding flux should not be recycled for second use, if welding procedure documents have specified.

Flux recovery is allowed under such conditions:


  1. Only fluxes covering on the surface of slags are allowed for recycling. Fluxes that are mixed with slags are not accepted.
  2. Recycled fluxes should not contain welding slag, metal particles. Fluxes in fine form are not accepted.
  3. Recycled flux could only be used together with new flux. Recycled flux proportion should not be higher than 30% of mixed flux.
  4. Recycled flux is not allowed to be contaminated again by impurities like moisture content and oil.
  5. Baked submerged arc welding flux should be kept no longer than 4 hours before they are used.