Submerged arc welding flux (agglomerated type) production process

Core part of the process is, according to specific formula, mixing various raw materials together with addition of binder (water glass), and pelletizing fines into granules. These granules will go through drying and screening processes. Particles with required size 10-60 meshes will be sintered at 800℃. Finally, solid agglomerated fluxes are formed. Particles bigger than 10 mesh will be ground by roll crusher, while particles less than 60 mesh could be collected and recycled for secondary production.
All the processes are dosing, pelletizing, drying, sintering, screening, packaging, etc. Drying process is to vaporize moisture content contained by particles, and sintering process is to remove crystal water inside various minerals to achieve certain particle strength. As raw materials are fines and powders, flying dust will be generated during production. The line is equipped with dust collection system (cyclone collector, bag house, suction hood). Dust is recycled and used as feedstock.

Main materials

  Ingredient Composition
1 Alumina Al2O3
2 Magnesia MgO
3 Wollastonite SiO2, CaO
4 Fluoride Cacl
5 Manganese silicate Mn2SO4
6 Clay Al2O3, SiO2
7 Water glass Sodium Silicate

Flow chart


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