Submerged arc welding (including submerged arc strip cladding and electroslag strip cladding)is a welding method that arc burns beneath the fluxes. Due to its advantages of stable welding quality, high welding speed, no arc exposure and small fume, submerged arc welding has been the main way to weld pressure vessel, pipelines, beam column in structural steel fabrication. In recent years, although new type, efficient, excellent welding methods have emerged, the application fields of SAW are not influenced. From the point of weld metal weight portion by different methods, submerged arc welding process accounts for 10%, and doesn’t change too much over these years.


1.Wheels of automatic welding machine and electric wires should have good insulation. During working, electric wires should be kept in good position to avoid torsion and getting burnt by slag.

2.Control box and welder shell should be connected to ground to avoid electricity leakage. Keep wiring board covered.

3.Pay attention to intense welding flash caused by welding flux shortage. It would damage your eyes. A protection glasses is necessary.

4.Keep semi-automatic welder torch in fixed position to prevent short circuit.

5.Submerged arc welding flux contains manganese oxide which is toxic to human health. Although it doesn’t generate as much as fume as shield metal arc welding, harmful gas and steam is still produced. Fume extraction and ventilation system is highly recommended.